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Our services

Our services

As Kiana Maritime and Construction Joint Stock Company, we strive to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations with the wide range of services we offer in the maritime sector.


Our company is focused on dry cargo transportation and ship operations. The diverse needs of our directly engaged customers in terms of cargo and ship requirements are promptly and effectively met. Our fundamental principles of operation are honesty, integrity, quality, and prompt service.

Ship Management

Our primary goal is to provide the most reliable service to charterers and ship operators at the lowest cost. We always take justified pride in working with high-level customers. Our company, which provides services in all fields of maritime, provides ship operator, ship inspection and evaluation, repair and maintenance, ship purchase and sale, cost calculation and control services.


With its experienced and expert staff, Konan Shipping provides service to all types of ships in all Turkish ports and straits, and is at your service 24 hours a day to assist you. Personnel exchange, spare parts, communication with ship personnel and transportation agency services are carried out in the most appropriate way. Konan Maritime, which is itself a ship operator, knows the needs of shipowners closely and shows the same importance and meticulousness to all the ships for which it provides agency services as it does to its own fleet.